37 Short Stories

38 Authors

600 Pages

100% Howling Good Time

Presenting six hundred pages of canine adventure that will make you reach for your trusty sidekick and say, “Good dog. Good, good, bestest friend I ever had,” over and over again.

Delve into HELLHOUNDS, THE ANTHOLOGY with its pickpockets, ghost hunters, and robots hellbent on murder. They hail from Outer Space, Heaven, Hell, Earth, and the inside of a taxidermied dog. With guest appearances by the Hackney Hellhounds of London, Ralphie Boy of Iwo Jima, and Sherlock Hound of the Yorkshire Dales.

Rebels spin their shaggy dog tales, the Greek gods wreak havoc,
and a little grey dog waits the other side of the veil, loyal to the end.

We have fantasy, horror, sci-fi, romance, and much more. But what all these stories have in common is heart. The good guy wins, the bad guy is punished, the best dog gets a bone. 

All proceeds from this anthology will go to support a 79 year-old grandmother, Erada, who has been hounded through the courts and is in danger of losing her home.

The HELLHOUNDS, like the HELLCATS who came before them, are a group of writers who banded together to try to prevent that from happening.

Help the HELLHOUNDS help Erada keep her home.

The proceeds of this anthology will go to Erada and her struggle to save her home.
You’ll be entertained and do a good deed all at the same time.