If you already know who the HELLCATS are, and know how and why the HELLCATS two-volume anthology came into being, skip ahead to THE PRESENT DAY.

If you’re new to our story, here’s a recap: When I heard that Erada, my sister-in-law’s mother, was in danger of losing her home in Armenia—because the courts had sided with an undeserving relative—I was aghast. I cannot abide a bully. Neither could I stand by and watch a 79-year-old
woman lose her home without a fight.

After racking my brain and downing a little whisky, I came up with what can only be described as a harebrained idea: I decided to put an anthology together to help raise funds for Erada.

Writers talked to writers who pinged their writer friends and before I knew it, the stories started rolling in. HELLCATS, THE ANTHOLOGY started to take form.

Without me knowing how exactly, a team coalesced around this idea that we could beat a bully and save Erada’s home—offering not only original stories, but a back office with proofreaders, formatters, web designers, and a Chief Operating Officer (aka Chief Cat Herder and all-star, Josie Clement; without her, this wouldn’t have happened, no matter how well intentioned I was).

I am inordinately proud of the people who stepped up to make HELLCATS come to fruition.

Together we raised $8,XXX which will go directly to Erada to help her in her ongoing fight to remain in her home.

Which brings us to THE PRESENT DAY

Yes, you read that right. Erada is still fighting the good fight. Without sharing too much of a story that isn’t mine to tell, you should know that earlier this year, there was an attempt to illegally sell the house out from under her. Erada only found out about it when the BUYER knocked on her door and told her she had to leave.

She doesn’t.

Not yet.

And, we hope, not at all.

But if the relative gets their way and she does eventually lose her home, she’ll at least have some money to help her find accommodation somewhere else. Which is where HELLHOUNDS, THE ANTHOLOGY comes in.

As you might imagine, eight grand—while a tidy sum for an anthology to make—is not close to the amount we need to raise.

So, I put the word out a second time and asked the HELLCATS if they wanted to become HELLHOUNDS and/or if they knew anyone who had a dog story they might like to tell.

Fast forward nine months and the inimitable Josie Clement and I are proud to present:
HELLHOUNDS, THE ANTHOLOGY with its pickpockets, ghost hunters, and robots hellbent on murder. They hail from Outer Space, Heaven, Hell, Earth, and the inside of a taxidermied dog.

There are guest appearances by the Hackney Hellhounds of London, Ralphie Boy of Iwo Jima, and Sherlock Hound of the Yorkshire Dales.

Rebels spin their shaggy dog tales, the Greek gods wreak havoc, and a little grey dog waits the other side of the veil, loyal to the end.

We have fantasy, horror, sci-fi, romance, and much more. But—as with HELLCATS, THE ANTHOLOGY—what all these stories have in common is heart. The good guy wins, the bad guy is punished, every dog gets a bone. ♥

Because HELLHOUNDS, THE ANTHOLOGY is such a brilliant mash-up of styles we’ve added blurbs before each story so you can choose what you’d like to read. Not every story is for everyone, but I warrant you’ll find more than one tale that tickles your funny bone, or scratches an itch you didn’t know you had.

Revenge, reckoning, and redemption: HELLHOUNDS, THE ANTHOLOGY has it all.

I give you over six hundred pages containing stories of canine adventure that will make you reach for your trusty sidekick and say, “Good dog. Good, good, bestest friend I ever had,” over and over again.

The proceeds of this anthology will go to support Erada and her fight to save her home.

Kate Pickford, Hellhound and Editor in Chief
December 2021