Chief Hellhound

Kate Pickford is a displaced Briton who writes for an American audience. Her post-apocalyptic works have sold tens of thousands of copies, but she now returns–under her own name–to her first love: science fiction.

Chief Hound Howler

JA Clement got involved in this project quite by accident but has loved wrangling all the lovely authors and other helpers who have made the Hellcats and Hellhounds anthologies happen, not to mention the frankly amazing Doomscribbler tribe. Prior to this splendid shenaniganry she was mostly a writer of fantasy and short stories but is about to branch out into Post Apoc and Sci Fi plus, if she’s not careful, a Sherlock Hound series. Yes, that is WAY too many genres but the characters are whispering… She lives with her husband and a pair of lordly lunatics of a canine variety, and loves good coffee but drinks far too much tea.

Lily Alexander is a Colorado native enjoying Southern California with her family and cranky cat. The written word is her favorite thing – reading or writing, she doesn’t discriminate.

Bateman, Elaine
E. G. Bateman lives in England with her husband, son and dogs. She likes the idea of going to the gym but prefers eating chocolate and binge-watching TV shows. She misses Buffy.
Blake, Dakota -Chris Patterson

Dakota Blake writes about love and the occult. Sometimes that is a direct result of her love for the occult. Other times it is just her love of story. The addiction started at a young and tender age. The accumulation of years has not seemed to slow it down.

Broadbent, Stacey

Stacey Broadbent is a multi-genre author based in Ashburton, New Zealand. She writes everything from romance to comedy, thriller to children’s books, and everything in between.
She is a wife, mother, and self-proclaimed culinary goddess. When she’s not busy writing or editing books, she enjoys reading and procrastinating on TikTok.


Author of mysteries and mother of four, Penelope Cress lives on a small island off the coast of southern England. Addicted to tea, digestive biscuits and all things retro and inspired by the traditional mystery writers of Britain’s golden age like Agatha Christie, her stories are witty, warm and charming.

Efthalia lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two children who keep her immersed in all things family. Her passion for writing was cultivated by the stories her mother told her as a child. Now she writes exciting new worlds with gods, power, and passion.
Jon Evans usually writes military sci-fi with his brother James, in the Royal Marine Space Commandos universe.

Shanda is a high school teacher with two teenaged children. She’s a lifelong writer and finally venturing out to share her stories with the world.

An intergalactic, trans-dimensional pseudo-philosopher, part-time pirate and editor/publisher of an independent press, Tom sometimes writes. A refugee of the business world, he has taken the art and science of reports, PowerPoints and Power meetings and spends lucid days crafting stories.
Harmon, Jac

Jac Harmon was born in London, but grew up in the Hertfordshire countryside. She now lives in Cambridge and uses the surrounding fenland and historical buildings as inspiration. Jac is currently working on her first novel, a Victorian crime thriller set in London and Essex.

Hawkins, Lesley

Lesley Hawkins lives with her husband, three children, two dogs and an assortment of smaller animals in rural Berkshire. She has been writing pop biographies and stories alongside her day job as a PE teacher for the last 30 years. She just recently decided to hang up her boots and pick up her pen full time so she can complete her first novel.

higgs, steve

Steve Higgs is having a ball writing mystery stories and crime thrillers and claims to have more than a hundred books forming an unruly queue in his head as they clamor to get out.
Now retired from the military, he lives in the south-east corner of England with a trio of lazy sausage dogs. Surrounded by rolling hills, brooding castles and vineyards, he doubts he will ever leave, the beer is just too good.


Katy Hollway is a supernatural fantasy and dystopian writer for young adults. She currently has two series available: The Remnant Chronicles and The Compassion Series. She writes from her home on Bedford, England aided by her tail-wagging, furry writing companion.

Kenzie writes kissy books set in other realms populated with supernaturals, aliens, and kickass heroines—some of whom are partial to wearing tight pants—while wrangling a husband, two boys, two cats and a pitbull.

Kasia Lasinska writes series of fast-paced young adult fantasy and dystopian novels that will keep you reading late into the night. Kasia likes to tell people she’s a vampire, given she’s a night owl, is usually quite pale and can’t eat garlic. She loves books, travel, coffee and dogs.
With a penchant for both travelling, and writing, Lasairiona McMaster started a blog during her first international relocation. Since repatriating to Northern Ireland, she decided to take everyone’s advice to finally write a book and get it published. She quickly learned that it’s never ‘just one book’ and is now 3-series deep into NA romance.
Miller, CM

C. B. Miller, writes urban fantasy, fantasy, and science fiction. A life-long gamer and storyteller, he hides in his office spilling bloody word after word onto these pages for others enjoyment. You can find his books on Amazon.

Mitchell, Jenn
Jenn Mitchell writes humorous Urban Fantasy from the heart of South Central Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling, crafting, cooking, hoarding cookbooks, and spending time with the World’s most patient and loving significant other. She also writes Cozy Mysteries as J Lee Mitchell.
Mylchreest, Stephanie
Stephanie Mylchreest mostly writes post-apocalyptic, dystopian and dark fantasy in the wee hours of the night, after her children have gone to sleep. She enjoys writing stories about characters placed in highly unusual situations, and exploring how they deal with the fallout.
Nolan, LA

L.A. Nolan is a Canadian born Brit living in Bombay, India with his wife, a sarcastic beagle and two very naughty motorcycles. He writes fulltime and his second novel, Blood & Brown Sugar, has just been released world wide.

Pert, Simon

Simon Pert has been writing mystery, crime thriller and fiction books for as long as he can remember. In recent years he has self-published the Harry Stone crime thriller trilogy; Vendetta, Playing God and Solitary Man. A reading and music addict, he lives in Wiltshire with my family.

Raymond, Michael

Michael Raymond is a writer, photographer, guitar picker, and globetrotter. He lives in the United States with his gorgeous wife, where together they plot adventures to circumnavigate the globe.

Ginger Rinkenberger has been a filmmaker, editor, illustrator, and world traveler. She is also a writer and aspiring metalsmith. This story, WE’LL MEET AGAIN, which she and her wife have discussed for many a year, is her up-front and personal love letter to Doodlebug, a little grey dog who was made solely of love and springs, but who left this mortal plane suddenly, leaving a hole so large it never truly closed.

Roberts, ND

ND Roberts has coauthored several books with Michael Anderle in The Kurtherian Gambit Universe. This is her first solo outing and also her first foray into romance. 

Schaefer, SM

S.M. Schaefer has been writing something or other her entire life, either for school, for work, or just to amuse herself and others. Words are her passion, so much so that she can sometimes be found reading the dictionary solely for entertainment. She hungers for knowledge and is constantly educating and redefining herself. She is based on a little postage stamp of land in a remote corner of the eastern Oregon High Desert where she lives with her tree of a husband and three half-feral children.

Lawrence M. Schoen holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, is a past Astounding, Hugo, and Nebula, nominee, twice won the Cóyotl award for best novel, founded the Klingon Language Institute, occasionally does work as a hypnotherapist specializing in authors’ issues, and is a cancer survivor. His science fiction includes many light and humorous adventures of a space-faring stage hypnotist and his alien animal companion.

After twenty years as a US Air Force space operations officer, AM now operates a laptop, trading in real satellites for fictional spaceships. Sign up for the Scott Space Newsletter and get a collection of short stories in the Folding Space universe–free! If romance is your thing, check out Anne M. Scott’s Kindle Vella story. AM’s writing cave is deep in the mountains of western Montana with The Amazing Sleeping Man and Zoe, their slightly crazy German Shepherd. AM is also a volunteer leader with Team Rubicon Disaster Response.

Ella J. Smyth writes steamy urban fantasy romance, full of adventure and excitement. Ever since she discovered #loveislove and #whychoose, she has embraced her motto, “unapologetic romances because love needs no excuses.” She guarantees a happy ending, even though she puts her characters through hell to get there.

Spicer, Audra

Audra Spicer writes about the ties that bind. Love is her favorite subject, and besides writing kissing books, she’s an animal lover. Audra enjoys the company of dogs and Standardbred racing horses. She lives with her husband and their Jack Russell. Connect at

Tapscott, VR

V.R. Tapscott lives in the desert wastes of Eastern Washington, out among the spiders, snakes and sagebrush. In a house, of course. With a cat, a spousal unit, a mortgage and thirteen computers. The cat makes most of the decisions.

Jon has won the OWAA funniest article award 2019, was runner up in the 2020 Traver award, and has had over two dozen short stories published in various media. He used to raise Rottweilers, which inspired him to include his dog Goblin in this collection.

Grayson Walker writes, plays video games, and likes editing videos from his loft near the equator. He’s interested in technology and considers dogs very important. He loves writing science fiction because it affords a lot of creative freedom, his characters can play video games with their robot dogs, or battle it out in zero gravity.
Wells, Brie

Brie Wells enjoyed a career as an actress throughout the Midwest long before there were cellphones. As she matured and roles for older women diminished, she turned her energies to the non-profit sector.
Currently she lives in Canada with her husband and two energetic dogs.